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  • Parish Mission Statement

    We, the parishioners of Saint Anastasia, are a strong faith based community, grounded in more than a century of Catholic tradition rooted in worship and service. Compelled by the Good News of Jesus Christ, we are committed to growing in a deeper relationship with God and with one another. We strive to become a more vibrant parish by inspiring an atmosphere of belonging, of welcoming, and by promoting opportunities to share and spread our Catholic Faith, so that we may be more united as one parish community.

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  • St. John's Hospice

    Our next collection date is Tuesday, October 13th. Since St. Anastasia School has resumed in-person classes, there has been a marked increase in traffic in the parking lots. Beginning on October 13th, from 9:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., we will collect your casseroles, non-perishable food/drink donations, new or gently-used clothing and shoes, travel-size toiletries, and plastic grocery bags at the rear entrance, lower level of the RectoryPlease enter the Convent/Rectory parking lot from West Chester Pike. We ask contributors to remain in your car. We will collect your donations from your vehicle and provide new pans and lids. Remember to wear a mask and practice “social distancing.” Please, no socializing. COVID is still with us. Thank you for your understanding and your donations! We realize that our new drop-off time interval is not convenient for everyone. Please call Deanna (610-353-7972) to make alternative drop-off arrangements. If you have questions, call John Kyle (610-431-3881) or Deanna Stagliano (610-353-7972). The November collection date will be Tuesday, November 10th.
  • St. Vincent de Paul

    The St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) in our parish assists those in our area with financial difficulties, using funds we raise independently. We try to address all needs, not just those arising from the current pandemic. If you or someone you know needs help, use StAnniesSVDP@gmail.com . Briefly explain your situation. Someone from our SVDP conference will respond to you. You do not need to call the rectory.  read flyer