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  • Breaking Open God's Word for Lent

    Our own parishioners will be leading small faith sharing groups during the six weeks of Lent. Various times will be offered, there is no homework and no previous knowledge of the Bible needed! Signups will be offered at church a few weeks before Lent. This year our leaders are Lucia Biddle, Julie Dalessandro, Dave DiPasqua, Katie Downey, Marcie McComb, and Dick Sharp.

  • Bishop Barron - The Mass

    Join us for a six-part series, The Mass, a DVD series with Bishop Robert Barron, beginning Wednesday February 6.        see flyer

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  • Parish Mission Statement

    We, the parishioners of Saint Anastasia, are a strong faith based community, grounded in more than a century of Catholic tradition rooted in worship and service. Compelled by the Good News of Jesus Christ, we are committed to growing in a deeper relationship with God and with one another. We strive to become a more vibrant parish by inspiring an atmosphere of belonging, of welcoming, and by promoting opportunities to share and spread our Catholic Faith, so that we may be more united as one parish community.

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