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Dear Parishioners of Saint Anastasia,

Today’s Gospel depicts a scene that could use a little background information.  In Jesus’ time it was seen as somewhat audacious for a woman to address a man, let alone a Canaanite woman daring to speak to a Jewish man! Jesus appears to put the woman off for a bit but she returns.  She is there to argue, not for herself, but for her daughter.  She won’t take “no’ for an answer.  What does this say about her faith?

I think first of all that the Canaanite woman must have loved her daughter greatly, to have risked ridicule from her friends for approaching Jesus, and having probably expecting to be rejected by him when she finally got his attention.  When she was turned down, she went back. How easily we give up on God when we don’t get what we want when we want it and how we want it.  We claim God doesn’t listen, that God is too distant, that “God is dead,” as Time Magazine questioned a number of years ago.  Amazon.com and other such venues have us spoiled in that just about anything we want is ready available.  We have lost the virtue of patience, the ability to wait, and the value of things that we may have to struggle for . May the Lord increase our faith.

On another note, God bless all of our young adults who have left or who will be leaving home for college.  Go with God!  Good luck in your endeavors.

Have a great week,

Fr. Colagreco



Beginning Monday, September 1, 2014 (Labor Day) there will be no more 9:00 a.m. daily Mass.

The 9:00 a.m. Mass will be rescheduled to 8:45 a.m. Monday through Saturday.  This is done mainly to make the parking lot safer for children entering school and safer also for people attending Mass.


Parish Summary of Operations

Please take a moment to review our Summary of Operations for the fiscal year ending June 30th. Thank you.


Malvern Retreat House

Please click here to view the Malvern Retreat Experience video. Malvern is the oldest and largest Catholic Retreat House offering Retreats for men, women, young adults and families.


Come, Spend Time with Jesus – Heart to heart!  

Please stop by the St. Anastasia Chapel anytime for any length of time when the chapel is open: Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM September thru Mid- June.  There are also empty time slots available.  Please consider signing up for one or as many times that you wish to spend quiet time with Our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament by contacting Perpetua Salvucci at 610-359-9817; email psalvucci7@aol.com  or click this Sign-Up Genius link.

Reserve time to be with Jesus to ensure that He is never left alone.  Jesus is waiting for you!

To learn more about Eucharistic Adoration, please click this video link.

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